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Diet day 42

good morning lovelies. So after going to the gym last night and smashing an hour and half cardio session I was super hungry this morning. I had a big water melon in the fridge so cut that up and had some grapes with it. The flavours together were delicious. The grapes were quite sour and the watermelon was juicy and sweet.  


It’s lunch time now and I am having a chicken salad roll. I have a sunflower and honey seedy roll with chicken breast,lettuce,tomato and cucumber. I never use butter on bread. I feel using salad does the same job. This was quite a big lunch so I’ll be sure to have a smaller dinner this evening.  


Ok so my smaller dinner didn’t quite work out …. But it’s all healthy and low fat plus I’m going to the gym again tonight. Tonight we are having home made burgers with red onion and sweet potato fries 🙂 delish.  


Hope you enjoyed. 

Love always gem xx

I’m back day 41 :-)

so after 40 days of daily dieting and blogging I needed a little break. I was still healthy. I didn’t lose weight nor did I gain any. I’m back now and ready to start seeing losses again. So for breakfast this morning I’m having porridge made with water and a spoon of fat free yoghurt, one for extra protein and two it cools your porridge down !!  It also adds a bit of flavour as I find porridge can be very bland on its own. 


It’s lunch time now and I have made a pastry less vegetable quiche and some chicken breast. I had this quiche at a friends house once but jazzed it up a little bit. It’s so easy to make. All I did was use 3 eggs plus 3 eggs whites add in 20g of cheese and a splash of milk. For your veggies just fry up whatever you have. I used mushrooms, pepper,red onion,tomato and kale. Pour in all in a baking dish for 40 mins and you get this bad boy. 

    This was so so tasty 🙂

It’s dinner time now and I had loads of chicken and vegetables left over so we are having that with a whole meal pitta and some salad.  

I have also had my 2litres of water today. It’s so good to be back on track.

Love always gem xx

Diet day 40

I literally can’t believe it’s been 40 days, it has flown by. I’m feeling super positive and motivated and I really do hope I get a loss this week, no matter how small. 

Breakfast this morning is going to be grapes and fat free yoghurt and water.  

Lunch today was another wholemeal wrap. I had chicken breast with bistro salad, tomato and cucumber.  

Dinner tonight was chicken in tomato sauce with rice. I added peas into the sauce, it was very tasty. 

Hope you enjoyed day 40. 

Love always gem xx

Diet day 39

so day 38 was a complete wash out and I’ll probably pay for it on Friday (weigh day) however that doesn’t mean I’m going to continue being bad and eating rubbish food. It means I have woken up feel like crap and can’t wait to be healthy again!!! So for breakfast I had my normal grapes and fat free yoghurt with a big glass of water. I am also going to work my butt off at the gym to try and make myself feel better and limit the damage I did yesterday. The most important thing for me is to remember I am human and u can mess up. I also need to remember it was just one bad day and that moving forward and not being to harsh on myself is the right way to go about it. 


It’s lunch time and I have just got back from the gym. I’m super hungry too. I made us all low fat ham wraps with bistro salad cucumber and tomato.  


It’s dinner time tonight we are having garlic chicken breast with a jacket potato and bistro salad. I also put some cheese on my potato. 


Feels so nice to have a good day ! 

Hope you enjoyed. 

Love always gem xx

Diet day 37

good morning so after another weight loss I’m motivated again ! That’s why I enjoy weighing weekly I know you don’t get a dramatic loss but you can see where u are, if your on track etc. it just works best for me weighing weekly. (check out weigh day 5 for my results) 

Onto this mornings breakfast and I’m having a banana, some green grapes and so fat free yoghurt. Half of this is eaten by my one year old… I could make her the exact same but she will always eat mine 😂 


Today’s lunch was super yummy. I was really hungry so decided a tuna sweetcorn tomato and lettuce wrap would be good. I added a sprinkle of mature cheddar for flavour.  

 I always put everything in the wrap then toast them under the grill for a minute or so it helps the wrap stay together. 

Dinner time and I have made chilli mince. I am going to have some basmalti rice with mine 🙂 

Hope you enjoyed. 

Love always gem xx

Weigh day 5

i can not believe its my 5th weigh in ! Time is flying by so so fast.  

 Last week I lost 2lb making my first 1 stone loss. 

This week I have lost again !! Yay 🙂 

So it’s …….  

 Yep another 2lb off ! Taking my total loss to 16lbs in 37 days, I’m super happy with that, it also seems my body is happy to lose a steady 2lbs a week. 

  Here is another before and after pic, this time just my face 🙂 it has taken on a whole new shape. 
It’s Friday and I have been to the gym Monday,Tuesday, and Thursday. I am also planning on going tomorrow or Sunday so I have got in 4 good gym workouts. 

Let’s hope for another loss next week !!!! 

Love always gem xx